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Technical description Apollo House

Energy label

Apollo House has Energy label A.


The building is equipped with a highly sustainable heat and cold storage system. The climate ceiling guarantees heating and cooling of the building whenever necessary. The climate can be regulated per grid of 3,60 meters. Also the Adiabatic humidification system converts cold water into moist air. This is a very hygienic and energy efficient way of humidification.

energie label a


Besides the natural ventilation, the building has an air-conditioning unit combined with a mechanical ventilation system. The air-conditioning unit is fitted with a thermal wheel, so the heat will be recovered. Pre- and post-filtering of fresh outside air takes place by means of high-end F9 filters. The ventilation system is based on one person per 8 sq.m. The cooling capacity is 75 W/sq.m.

Sun blinds

The electrically operated blinds are fitted on the outside of the facade. These blinds can be operated per grid of 3.60 meters.

Ceiling and lighting

The new ceiling system is provided with LED lighting (600 lux), with a colour temperature of 3000K (warm white). The lighting system includes presence detection and daylight reduction. These light fittings are highly sustainable and very energy efficient.

Electricity and data cabling

The entire building is connected to the electricity network of the municipality of Amsterdam. Additionally, the building has its own power generator and each floor has its separate electricity meter. The office space has a cable channel with 230 V power and data cabling.

Sun Blinds
Ceiling and lighting

Alarm system /Security

Besides the central alarm system, the available wing is prepared for its own alarm system combined with an access control system. The parking garage is provided with an intercom system including a videophone for visitors and license plate recognition for the employees. Security is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Fire alarm system

The entire Apollo House is fitted with a fire alarm system and on each floor slow-whoops are available.