Apollo House Newsletter 06: May 2016
With this newsletter we are delighted to inform you  about the developments, related to the renovation of the impressive Apollo House. In addition you will learn that the Apollo House was used as a filming location for the Dutch drama movie ‘In de schaduw van de overwinning’. 

Under Construction

Again a lot of effort has been taken during the past month and the high finishing level   clearly stands out! Natural stone? was placed both at the main entrance at the Gerrit van der Veenstraat and on the new staircase. The stairs are also  connected to the underground car park. The glass walls at the ground floor and the second floor are in place and the spaces which are created, make ideal boardrooms.
Additionally the new facade for the main entrance has arrived. This will be placed soon – contributing to the exclusive appearance of the main entrance. Meanwhile the decision has been made to provide access to the secluded garden, exclusively from the Southern ring. The garden will be accessible by a passage in two of the three stairways. The garden is  facing south, positioned between the main building and the Southern ring. A functional and appealing design is being made for this piece of green at the Apollo House. Read more www.apollo-house.com

A Piece of History...

In 1986 the Apollo House was used as a filming location for the Dutch drama movie “In the schaduw van de overwinning” by Ate de Jong, starring Jeroen Krabbé and Edwin the Vries. The scenario is, amongst other things, based on the Weinreb-case and the final years of the life of the opposition fighter; Gerrit van der Veen. 

The Gerrit van der Veenstraat, where the renovated main entrance of the Southern ring is located, was named after him in 1945.
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