Apollo House Newsletter 05: March 2016

The staircase has been installed!

Installation required a lot of manpower and patience but the end result is impressive. At the moment the stairs connect the ground floor to the second floor. Shortly the connection with the underground car-park will be realised. In the walls circular cut-outs are already visible for windows. Once in place these windows will provide plenty of daylight. Read more www.apollo-house.com

A piece of history...

Apollo House has undergone dramatic changes over the years. A whole new floor was constructed on top of the main building for example, which was used as a canteen. In 1990 it was decided to build an underground car park. Since the main building is constructed on approximately 9000 stilts, it was necessary to realise the garage under the ring building. In order to be able to do this, the ring building had to be taken down and rebuilt again completely,
Aanvang heiwerk hoogbouw - 26 april 1937
foto: Cees Deenik - Herkomst Stadsarchief Amsterdam
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