Apollo House Newsletter 02: December 2015

Under Construction

The renovation of the southern ring is making good progress! On the second floor, the work on the installations is almost finished. Also the Led lighting (warm white) and the climate ceiling are being installed already. The light fittings are custom made for the Apollo House and will follow the curves of the ring building. These light fittings are provided with presence detection and daylight reduction. To install the new impressive stairs, recesses in the floors will be made. The new stairs will connect all floors in the southern ring, including the parking garage, with the new entrance located at the Gerrit van der Veenstraat.. Lees meer op www.apollo-house.com


Historically, the Apollo House is known by different names. ‘Oceaanstomer (ocean steamer) is the name that points at the nautical exterior of the building. ‘Schip van Staat (ship of state)’ and ‘de Toren van Arbeid (the tower of labor)’ refer to the former user of the building, the ‘Rijksverzekeringsbank’.
photo: J. Wiersema
At the front entrance of the Apollo House, two high bronze statues are situated. At first, the sculptors ‘Hildo Krop’ and ‘Frits van Mall’ were both asked to design their own statues in 1940. 14 years later, the statue ‘De beschermer van sociale zorg en gerechtigheid (the protector of social care and justice)’ was revealed, designed by ‘HIldo Krop’.  The plaster model of ‘Frits van Mall’ was stored in the basement of the Apollo House, where it was damaged seriously due to water and frost. ‘Frits van Mall’ couldn’t finish his statue, because he died during World War II. Finally ‘Han Wezelaar’ was asked to design a statue, which was called ‘De beschermster van Sociale Zorg en Gerechtigheid (protectress of social care and justice)’.
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