Apollo House Newsletter 01: november 2015

Under Construction

The demolition is completed, the rebuilding has begun. At the moment, the southern ring of the prestigious national monument ‘Apollo House’ is having a complete makeover. All three floors in the southern ring will be equipped with the newest techniques and will be ready in the first quarter of 2015. The Southern ring will get a new, private and spacious entrance, located at the Gerrit van der Veenstraat. The entrance will be perfectly accessible from the underlying parking garage, with an excellent parking ratio (approximately 1:50). Read more on www.apollo-house.com

Highlights ‘renewed’ Southern Ring

  • Approximately 3.317 m² (three floors) available for rent;
  • A private entrance at the Gerrit van der Veenstraat;
  • A thermal storage system;
  • Climate ceilings;
  • Air conditioning (70W/ m²), equipped with a thermal wheel;
  • Led lightning (3000 K Warm White, 600 lux);
  • Energy label A


The ‘Apollo House’ was built from 1937 – 1939 as head office for the ‘Rijksverzekeringsbank’, which is the insurance bank of the government. Architect Dirk Roosenburg designed the building, who is the grandfather of Rem Koolhaas. The Apollo House consists of a 10 meter high ‘ring-building’ and a 40 meter high building on the axis of that ring. Because the floor of the ‘ring-building’ consisted of rolls, the employees could access the huge archives very easily.

The ‘Apollo House’ has a steel skeleton, which has a total weight of 2.000 tons. To build the steel skeleton, about 55.000 different parts were required, which were delivered with approximately 200 truck drives. Initially, the steel skeleton was covered with glazed tiles. Over time these tiles loosened and had to be replaced by white ceramic plates.
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